About WLCC


To be the global leader for worldwide LIN growth through the united solidarity of the global LIN (林) and promotion of loyalty to the LIN Grand Ancestor, Bigan, as well as industry and commerce, economic prosperity, culture, education and community developments for all LIN (林) clans.


The development of worldwide LIN (林) Chambers and clans through organizational growth as a well-established international body with vast knowledge, expertise and capabilities for:
  • Expansion of worldwide trade, industry, commerce, business opportunities and networking of LIN clans and advancement of business opportunities and linkages for LIN (林) members with China, the motherland to all Chinese and LINs (林) in the world.
  • Promotion and enrichment of LIN (林) heritage through unity, solidarity and loyalty to the Grand Ancestor Bigan and his sterling qualities of Loyalty, Commitment, Integrity, Unity and Respect.

WLCC Core Value

Emulating Our Lin Grand Ancestor, Bigan

One Bigan Heart  ( Loyalty + Commiment + Integrity + Prosperity + Success ) + Harmony + Equality + Prosperity + Succes + Happiness