Roles & Responsibility

Governing Council Members (ELECT)

The Governing Council is the governing body comprising of the members mentioned below and serve a 2nd fiscal term of 3 years from 1 Jan 2016 to Dec 2018. They determine policy, guidelines and statements on important issues and communicate these to the WLCC and Lin Chambers of Commerce of other countries/China Provinces.

The overall responsibilities include vision and leadership, accountability, legal administration, and financial management, etc. Each country will be represented by 1 x Executive Vice President in WLCC but China will be represented by 2 x Executive Vice Presidents and they are entitled to vote.

Each Lin Chamber of Country and China Provinces has to be legally registered in their respective countries or China Provinces before it can be enrolled as a member to World Lin Chamber of Commerce (WLCC). The WLCC Constitution caters for 40 x Executive Council Members (Elect) – 6 from each country and 12 from China (1 Executive Vice President and 5 Executive Council Members and from China (2 Executive Vice Presidents and 10 Council Members).

The World President can appoint Honorary Vice Presidents, Council Members, Chairmen and Vice Chairmen for the Sub-Committees as per WLCC Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and Selection Guidelines.

Appointment of Honorary Position

The World President can appoint a Honorary Position to serve and assist the Governing Council Members and the Sub-Committee Chairmen on all matters concerning the objectives, vision and purpose of WLCC. The Honorary Positions are Honorary Founding Members, Honorary Executive Advisors and Advisors, Honorary President, Honorary Vice President, Honorary Council Members.

Honorary Founding Members

Honorary Founding Members will be appointed by the World President and they shall be from every country including China provinces. They will represent WLCC by attending formal occasions such as official functions and presentations, as may be necessary. They will also represent the WLCC as key ambassadors and officials of the Governing Council.

Honorary President / Executive Advisor

The Honorary President/Executive Advsior shall be appointed by the World President. He/She will serve as an advisor to the Office Bearers of WLCC on all matters concerning their objectives and work. He/she is also the key ambassador for the WLCC and the Governing Council.

Honorary Advisors

The Honorary Advisors role are to support the World President and WLCC to serve as the key ambassador for WLCC and the Governing Council. They will represent WLCC by attending formal occasions such as official functions, presentations or assist in communicating with the Lin entrepreneurs or clans.

Honorary Vice Presidents

The Honorary Vice Presidents are appointed by the World President. They shall assist the World President in the Governing Council and in improving the Chamber's transparency and accountability. They shall also assist the World President on Inter-Council Members' matters, if required.

Honorary Council Members

The Honorary Council Members will be appointed by the World President and they will assist the Governing Council on the affairs of WLCC. They may also be involved in assisting the Chairmen of the Sub-Committees or the office bearers to participate in decision making, as and when relevant.

Membership Application

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