Our Grand Anchestor

The Lin Ancestor Roots and the Origin of Lin

The Grand Ancestor, of the Lin root is Bigan. He was born in 1092 B.C. in the district Wei
(Zhao-Ge as then known).

He was the son of King Wen-Ding of the Shang dynasty, younger brother of King Yi, and uncle of King Zhou. He was conferred the Land of Bi, hence named Bigan, being the 33rd generation of the Yellow Emperor.

During the reign of his brother King Yi, Bigan was appointed the advisor of the King and did his best to support and strengthen the rule of his brother. When King Zhou ascended the throne, Bigan was appointed to assist him with the official title: Shao Shi (Young Master). He again did his best and was honoured for having served three successive Kings with loyalty and integrity.

Towards the end of the 6 Shang dynasties, King Zhou led a licentious life to such extent that We-Zi left the country and Qi-Zi pretended to be insane, putting the country in danger.

Bigan pleaded repeatedly with King Zhou but with no result. He finally remonstrated without stop for three days. King Zhou asked him what he relied on for his strength and he replied that being virtuous gave him the strength. King Zhou was furious and said Bigan regarded himself as a saint. He had heard that a saint’s heart had seven openings. He, therefore, killed Bigan and opened his chest to examine his heart.

Bigan died in the year 1029 B.C. at the age of 63 and was buried in Zhao-Ge which is to the north of district Ji (present day Wei-Hui, county of the Henan province).